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Our email is and we're also active on Twitter and Instagram under the same name.

We have been beekeepers since 2016 and currently have three full-size, honey-producing hives and, depending on the time of year, 1-3 smaller hives that we use to support our three honey-producing hives, as needed.

 All the hives are located on our property in Wexford, PA and as the colonies have grown and stabilized they have consistently produced more honey than we can eat (and we have tried!), leading us to sell our honey to friends and relatives and at some local events as time and supply allows. 

We are active in several local beekeeping groups and are constantly learning new techniques to help us manage our hives. 

Our hives are maintained with organic practices and we package in glassware only for sustainability-- offering discounts to repeat customers who return their jars/lids with a new purchase.

We strongly believe that if you are interested in becoming a beekeeper you should partner with an experienced "beek" near you that is willing and eager to mentor you. You should also join at least one group so that you can share in the collective wisdom and experience of your fellow local keepers. If you're just interested in honey-- wherever you are-- you should seek out a local beekeeper to keep your tummy filled. 

If you don't know the beekeeper, you don't really know the honey. Don't trust labels! KNOW YOUR BEEKEEPER. If you're near us, we'd love to be "your honey people" and encourage you to contact us.

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